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Our names are Keith and Carly. As a couple we are a very well rounded pair in the kitchen. Both of us love food. I (Keith) am more into cooking and Carly is more into baking and decorating. We are always inspiring each other to create different foods, mainly because one of us saw or heard about something in an ad or on The Food Network .
We also almost never go to restaurants because Carly has a severe nut allergy. If we want to try something we usually have to make it ourselves. We often edit and change recipes around to make them safe to eat.
We love spending time together in the kitchen creating new recipes and sharing the results with our friends and family, so it seemed natural to create a food blog and share our ideas with everyone.



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  1. Hey Keith…that tangled tower cake looks awsome..is a real work of art..too bad it had to get eaten. By the way Keith..how did you snag such a cute girlfriend! Just kidding..you know Debbie and I just love u. Wishing you guys all the best, and will try to spread the word with my limited amount of friends..lol..

  2. I just looked up your website and everything looks delicious.
    I am a friend of Christine and Ian’s.
    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials

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