Juicy Lucy Burgers

What is a Juicy Lucy? Basically it is an inside out cheeseburger, where the cheese is stuffed between the meat patties, that oozes cheesy goodness when you bite into it. We have seen it featured several times on different food network shows, and wanted to give it a try. We actually came across a place near us with a Juicy Lucy on the menu, but they turned out to be dry, flavourless disappointments and we realized if we wanted a good juicy lucy burger, we should just make them ourselves.

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Mini Dutch Oven Breakfast

Lately we have been drawn to mini-sized serving dishes. They seem to add a nice touch when plating/ presenting the meals. We recently bought ceramic mini dutch ovens and I wanted to make something, so I decided to make breakfast. I used to enjoy waking up and finding a big hearty breakfast with eggs, sausage and potatoes that my Dad would sometimes make on weekends. I wanted to bring that full meal together in one little pot and this is what I came up with. Continue reading