Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Yay! Pizza that isn’t loaded with carbs! ( and tastes good too!)
This cauliflower crust pizza is incredibly easy to make, just top with your favourite pizza toppings and enjoy! It’s also great for anyone with a gluten allergy.

I first heard about using cauliflower instead of pizza dough from a colleague who told me that he and his fiance had tried it and thought it was really good. I was a bit skeptical but still wanted to try it out. We followed a recipe that I found online (see below for link) and both agreed that it tasted really good. The only thing to watch out for if you try this out is the crust thickness. It doesn’t stay together like pizza dough, so try not to spread the crust too thin.

(You can find the recipe here- )


Juicy Lucy Burgers

What is a Juicy Lucy? Basically it is an inside out cheeseburger, where the cheese is stuffed between the meat patties, that oozes cheesy goodness when you bite into it. We have seen it featured several times on different food network shows, and wanted to give it a try. We actually came across a place near us with a Juicy Lucy on the menu, but they turned out to be dry, flavourless disappointments and we realized if we wanted a good juicy lucy burger, we should just make them ourselves.

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BBQ Chicken Wings, Drumsticks and Thighs

BBQ chicken is a classic go-to meal for anyone that likes to BBQ, but with a very simple change in the cooking method I make the best chicken I have ever had from a BBQ.  This will make the chicken very moist and the flavour of whatever marinade you use will really sink in  instead of just coating the outside.  Continue reading