BBQ Chicken Wings, Drumsticks and Thighs

BBQ chicken is a classic go-to meal for anyone that likes to BBQ, but with a very simple change in the cooking method I make the best chicken I have ever had from a BBQ.  This will make the chicken very moist and the flavour of whatever marinade you use will really sink in  instead of just coating the outside. 

1. Take your favourite maranade, we used VH House Honey Garlic, and chicken and put it in a pot.  Try and cover the chicken in the marinade or just toss it around every few hours.  I try and let it sit overnight but would recomend a minimum of about 4 hours.
2. When ready to cook, I take the pot and put it on the side burner of my BBQ on medium low heat and let it reach a simmer, about 8 minutes for me.
*If you don’t have a side burner, putting it on the stove top and walking back and forth to the BBQ works fine. It is a little extra work, but worth the effort.
3. Heat up the BBQ to high.  Once the marinade is simmering, reduce the heat of the BBQ to medium and carefully pickup the chicken and move over to the BBQ for 5 minutes.  Flip the chicken once after 2 and a half minutes.
4. This should start to caramelize the sauce a little and while this is happening, the marinade is still simmering down to a thicker sauce.
5. After the 5 minutes, transfer the chicken back to the marinade to simmer for another 5 mintues.  Repeat this process so that the chicken is simmering in the marinade then on the grill 3 times in total finishing on the BBQ.  Be very careful the last time of the BBQ as the sauce will be very reduced and can burn easily.  You may need to turn down the BBQ to low and it may not take a full 5 minutes.  This process makes the meat fall off the bone and infused threwout with the honey garlic flavour, and each wing or drumstick will be covered with a nice and thick caramalized sauce.


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